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Yep, you read that right...

Welcome to Freshly Sober, a unique place here for you to explore sober living, being a sober/drunk mother, sister, brother, friend, cousin or whatever and fighting the effing internal battles of a newly sober person in a non conventional way.  So often, when seeking sobriety, we are lost. 

Lost in a sea of BS, often on a computer seeking sober ways that fit our lifestyle. Finding a voice that speaks to you.  Seeking answers when we do not even know what the question is.  Researching programs to give us step by step instructions on How to get sober.  And Looking for Sober AF people like ourselves that are just as new or seasoned as we need (depends on how we feel).

I am here for you in the Deep Sea of Sobriety.   I will share my work, the path I swam in the shit sea of sobriety, and show you that it can be done.  Here, you will find resources to help you determine the best program that fits your needs and lifestyle.  And you will find you are not alone.  Your fresh sober journey will be unique, but you are not on this adventure alone.


Girl by the Lake

9 Sobering Must Watch Films

When I first quit drinking, that is all I thought about. Quitting Drinking. I surrounded myself with all the NA media I possibly could....

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